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FlashcatUSB Mach¹ is the fastest NAND programmer available. Supports SLC, MLC, and TLC devices.



FlashcatUSB Mach¹


FlashcatUSB Professional: increased performance, high-speed USB (480mbps), low-voltage support, 1.8v and 3.3v and integrated FPGA for logic applications.



FlashcatUSB Pro


FlashcatUSB Classic is a Flash memory programmer capable of reading and writing data to thousands of different devices using multiple protocols, such as JTAG, EJTAG, or SPI. Comes with easy to use Windows based software.



FlashcatUSB Classic



FlashcatUSB XPORT is a powerful and versatile programmer designed for parallel memory, OTP/UV EPROM and serial memory. This device has supports both 5V and 3V memory and 12V VPP.





We offer a full range of easy to use sockets and adapters for serial Flash and EEPROM memory, including SPI and I2C. Packages supported includes SOIC-16, SOIC-8, WSON-8 and DIP-8.



Serial Adapters


Sockets and adapters for parallel NOR and NAND Flash memory devices. Support for PLCC-32, SO-44, DIP-32, TSOP-48, TSOP-56, BGA-64 and BGA-63  packages.



Parallel Adapters


Various cables for connecting to SPI memory devices. Test clips for in-circuit programming and propertary cables for connecting to MSI and ASUS motherboards.



Cables and Test Clips




Various accessories for interconnecting, including solderless pin headers (press-fit), and SMD socket replacements for SO8, SO16 and TSOP48.



Interconnect Accessories



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