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FlashcatUSB Mach¹

Introducing our fastest memory programmer yet! Engineered and desgined for one goal in mind: high density NAND Flash devices. The Mach¹ hardware consists of dual processors, hi-speed USB port and 16-bit static memory data bridge.

Hardware Features and Compatability:
  • High-performance 96MHz ARM 32-bit processor
  • FPGA co-processor design
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s)
  • Automatic firmware updating over USB
  • NAND cell support: SLC, MLC, TLC
  • Data I/O: 8X and 16X with DQS support
  • Voltage support: 1.8V and 3.3V
  • ECC supported up to 32-bit per block
  • Clock support: Asynchronous and Synchronous
  • Multi-die support: up to 4 independent chip-selects
  • Cypress HyperFlash S26KS/KL memory supported

Includes programmer, TSOP48 NAND adapter, and USB cable.

Ships in 3-4 days


Features implemented and in development

HyperFlash (X16 DDR)
SPI / SQI (20MHz / 10MHz SDR)
NOR (X16 3V Parallel)
NAND (X8 Asyncronous)
NAND (X8 Syncronous)
NAND (X16 Asyncronous)
NAND (X16 Asyncronous DDR)

Compatible with these NAND Flash devices:

NAND128W3A (128Mbit)
NAND256R3A (256Mbit)
NAND256W3A (256Mbit)
NAND512R3A (512Mbit)
NAND512W3A (512Mbit)
NAND01GR3A (1Gbit)
NAND01GW3A (1Gbit)
NAND01GW3B (1Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
MT29F2G08AAB (2Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABAEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABBEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABADAWP (1Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBEA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAEA (2Gbit)
MT29F4G08BAB (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08AAA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABADAWP (2Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABAHC (4Gbit)
MT29F8G08DAA (4Gbit)
MT29F8G08BAA (8Gbit)
MT29F8G08ABACA (8Gbit)
MT29F8G08ABABA (8Gbit)
MT29F64G08CBABA (64Gbit)
MT29F64G08CBABB (64Gbit)
MT29F64G08CBCBB (64Gbit)
MT29F128G08CECBB (128Gbit)
MT29F128G08CFABA (128Gbit)
MT29F128G08CFABB (128Gbit)
MT29F256G08CJABA (256Gbit)
MT29F256G08CJABB (256Gbit)
MT29F256G08CKCBB (256Gbit)
MT29F256G08CMCBB (256Gbit)
TC58DVM92A5TA10 (512Mbit)
TC58BVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTAI0 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3ETA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTA00 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTAI0 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTA00 (4Gbit)
TC58NVG2S3ETA00 (4Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
TC58BVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
TH58NVG3S0HTA00 (8Gbit)
TH58NVG3S0HTAI0 (8Gbit)
TC58NVG3S0FTA00 (8Gbit)
TC58NVG3S0FTA00 (8Gbit)
W29N01GV (1Gbit)
W29N02GV (2Gbit)
W29N01HV (1Gbit)
MX30LF1208AA (512Mbit)
MX30LF1GE8AB (1Gbit)
MX30UF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G08AA (1Gbit)
MX30LF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30LF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF2GE8AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF4G18AC (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G18AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4G28AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4GE8AB (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G28AB (4Gbit)
MX60LF8G18AC (8Gbit)
MX60LF8G28AB (8Gbit)
K9K2G08U0M (2Gbit)
K9K1606UOM (1Gbit)
K9F5608U0D (256Mbit)
K9F1208U0C (512Mbit)
K9F1G08U0A (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0D (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9F1G08X0 (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0E (1Gbit)
K9F2G08X0 (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0C (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0M (4Gbit)
K9G8G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9W8G08U1M (4Gbit)
K9F4G08U0B (4Gbit)
K9GAG08U0E (16Gbit)
K9GAG08U0M (16Gbit)
K9K8G08U0A (8Gbit)
K9WAG08U1A (16Gbit)
K9NBG08U5A (32Gbit)
HY27US08281A (128Mbit)
HY27US08121B (512Mbit)
HY27US08561A (256Mbit)
HY27SS08561A (256Mbit)
HY27US0812(1/2)B (512Mbit)
H27U1G8F2B (1Gbit)
H27U1G8F2CTR (1Gbit)
HY27UF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27US081G1M (1Gbit)
HY27SF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27UF082G2B (2Gbit)
HY27UF082G2A (2Gbit)
H27U2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27U2G6F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G6F2C (2Gbit)
H27U2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27UAG8T2M (16Gbit)
H27UAG8T2B (16Gbit)
HY27UBG8T2B (32Gbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S34ML01G2 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G2 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G2 (4Gbit)
S34ML01G1 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G1 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G1 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G204 (4Gbit)
A5U1GA31ATS (1Gbit)

Compatible with these HyperFlash devices:

Spansion / Cypress
S26KS128S (128Mbit)
S26KS256S (256Mbit)
S26KS512S (512Mbit)
S26KL128S (128Mbit)
S26KL256S (256Mbit)
S26KL512S (512Mbit)

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