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FlashcatUSB Mach¹

Introducing our fastest memory programmer yet! Engineered and desgined for one goal in mind: high density NAND Flash devices. The Mach¹ hardware consists of dual processors, hi-speed USB port and 16-bit static memory data bridge.

Hardware Features and Compatability:
  • High-performance 96MHz ARM 32-bit processor
  • FPGA co-processor design
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s)
  • Automatic firmware updating over USB
  • NAND cell support: SLC, MLC, TLC
  • Data I/O: 8X and 16X with DQS support
  • Voltage support: 1.8V and 3.3V
  • ECC supported up to 32-bit per block
  • Clock support: Asynchronous and Synchronous
  • Multi-die support: up to 4 independent chip-selects
  • Cypress HyperFlash S26KS/KL memory supported

This memory solution is currently in development as we work on developing and perfecting the best programmer we have ever made. This solution is not only just hardware, but also very complex software that will allow data recovery from thousands of different memory devices and software modes that will enable the user to rebuild storage devices from multiple memory arrays. The new software libraries will contain various NAND controller emulators that will finally make data recovery easy for the average user.

The Mach¹ NAND software is licensed seperately:
Personal (non-comercial): Free (registration required)
Educational (student/professor): Free (registration required)
Professional (Repair technician): $250 USD per year
Small Enterprise (100 employees or less):  $500 USD per year
Large Enterprise (unlimited): $1500 USD per year

The hardware kit costs $99.00 + license. It includes the programmer unit, a new TSOP-48 NAND socket and USB cable.
BGA-63 (11x9mm) socket available separately and LGA-52 socket coming soon. Include 2-year free upgrade to future hardware revisions.

Ships in 3-4 days


Features implemented and in development

HyperFlash (X16 DDR)
SPI / SQI (20MHz / 10MHz SDR)
NOR (X16 26-bit Parallel)
NAND (X8 Asyncronous)
NAND (X8 Syncronous)
NAND (X16 Asyncronous)
NAND (X16 Asyncronous DDR)

Legal notice: this product is classified as in-development. Hardware features and prices are subject to change. Some features may not be implemented in software yet.
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