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We specialize in embedded electronic engineering, manufacturing and assembling services. If you have an idea for a device you want to create, then you came to the right place. For a quote, use the contact us page and let us know the kind of project you are working on. We can usually respond with more information in 12 hours.

Our production services includes:

  • Hardware design (electronic schematics, component sourcing, circuit board design)
  • Prototyping (creating limited-run prototypes for evaluation purposes)
  • Low to medium production runs (assembly process to produce 100 to 1K completed board per day)
  • PCB rework (desoldering, replacing, and fixing damaged components)

Every project is unique and the cost can vary according to the complexity or time needed to finish, so for a accurate quote, just use the contact us section and give us a detailed description of what you need done.

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