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FlashcatUSB Professional

Over ten times the peformance of its predecessor, FlashcatUSB Professional (PCB 5.x) is the most advanced serial hardware programmer available today. This device pairs a high-speed ARM processor with a powerful FPGA that enables instant-on operation.


SPI socket adapters (SO8, SO16, DIP8, WSON8) are available here

Hardware Features:

  • High-performance 96MHz ARM 32-bit processor

  • High-speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 interface
  • 128KB internal memory and 36KB RAM
  • Automatic firmware updating over USB
  • Protocols: SPI, QSPI, I2C, Microwire, JTAG
  • High-speed (SPI up to 32 MHz, JTAG up to 40 MHz)
  • Output voltage selectable via software (1.8v / 3.3v)
  • FPGA co-processor design with 32-bit SMC
  • Boundary scan programming mode supported


  • FlashcatUSB Professional (PCB 5.1)
  • USB cable (3 foot, Type-C)
  • Choice of cable (IDC 10-pin, 2mm, or 0.1" jumpers)
In Stock (ships in 2-3 days)
$59.99 USD

FlashcatUSB Comparison:

  FlashcatUSB (PCB 2.4) FlashcatUSB Pro (PCB 5.1)
Processor: 16 MHz RISC (8-bit) 96 MHz ARM (32-bit)
USB speed 12 Mbps/s (Full speed) 480 Mbps/s (High speed)
Flash memory: 32 KB 128 KB / 4000 logical elements
Internal RAM: 2 KBytes 36 KBytes
Voltage output: 3.3v and 5v (1A) 1.8v and 3.3v (500mA)
Voltage selector: Manual slide switch Software selectable
SPI clock speed: 8 MHz 32 MHz
QUAD SPI clock speed: 1 MHz 40 MHz
JTAG clock speed: 2 MHz 40 MHz
JTAG boundary scan: Not supported Supported
SPI NAND: Supported (low speed) Supported (high speed)


Verified to work with these SPI NOR Flash devices:

Atmel / Adesto
AT45DB641E (64Mbit)
AT45DB642D (64Mbit)
AT45DB321E (32Mbit)
AT45DB321D (32Mbit)
AT45DB161E (16Mbit)
AT45DB161D (16Mbit)
AT45DB081E (8Mbit)
AT45DB081D (8Mbit)
AT45DB041E (4Mbit)
AT45DB041D (4Mbit)
AT45DB021E (2Mbit)
AT45DB021D (2Mbit)
AT45DB011D (1Mbit)
AT25DF641 (64Mbit)
AT25DF321S (32Mbit)
AT25DF321 (32Mbit)
AT25DF161 (16Mbit)
AT25DF081 (8Mbit)
AT25FF041A (4Mbit)
AT25DF041 (4Mbit)
AT25DF021 (2Mbit)
AT26DF321 (32Mbit)
AT26DF161 (16Mbit)
AT26DF161A (16Mbit)
AT26DF081A (8Mbit)
AT25SF321 (32Mbit)
AT25SF161 (16Mbit)
AT25SF081 (8Mbit)
AT25SF041 (4Mbit)
AT25XV041 (4Mbit)
AT25XV021 (2Mbit)
AT25DN011 (1Mbit)
AT25DN512C (512Kbit)
AT25DN256 (256Kbit)
AT25SL128A (128Mbit)
AT25SL641 (64Mbit)
AT25SL321 (32Mbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S70FL01GS (1Gbit)
S70FS01GS (1Gbit)
S25FL512S (512Mbit)
S25FL512S (512Mbit)
S25FS512S (512Mbit)
S25FS512S (512Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FS256S (256Mbit)
S25FS256S (256Mbit)
FL127S/FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FS128S (128Mbit)
S25FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FL127S (128Mbit)
S25FS064S (64Mbit)
S25FS128S (128Mbit)
S25FS064S (64Mbit)
S25FL256L (256Mbit)
S25FL128L (128Mbit)
S25FL064L (64Mbit)
S70FL256P (256Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
S25FL064 (64Mbit)
S25FL032 (32Mbit)
S25FL016A (16Mbit)
S25FL008A (8Mbit)
S25FL004A (4Mbit)
S25FL040A (4Mbit)
S25FL164K (64Mbit)
S25FL132K (32Mbit)
S25FL216K (16Mbit)
S25FL116K (16Mbit)
S25FL208K (8Mbit)
S25FL204K (4Mbit)
S25HS256T (256Mbit)
S25HS512T (512Mbit)
S25HS01GT (1Gbit)
S25HL256T (256Mbit)
S25HL512T (512Mbit)
S25HL01GT (1Gbit)
S26HS256T (256Mbit)
S26HS512T (512Mbit)
S26HS01GT (1Gbit)
S26HL256T (256Mbit)
S26HL512T (512Mbit)
S26HL01GT (1Gbit)
MT25QL02GC (2Gbit)
MT25QU02GC (2Gbit)
N25Q00AA (1Gbit)
N25Q512A (512Mbit)
N25Q256A (256Mbit)
N25Q128A (128Mbit)
N25Q128 (128Mbit)
N25Q064 (64Mbit)
N25Q032 (32Mbit)
N25Q016 (16Mbit)
N25Q008 (8Mbit)
N25Q00AA (1Gbit)
N25Q512A (512Mbit)
N25Q256A (256Mbit)
N25Q128A (128Mbit)
N25Q064A (64Mbit)
N25Q032 (16Mbit)
N25Q016 (16Mbit)
N25Q008 (8Mbit)
M25P128 (128Mbit)
M25P64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25P32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25P16 (16Mbit)
M25P80 (8Mbit)
M25PX80 (8Mbit)
M25P40 (4Mbit)
M25P20 (2Mbit)
M25P10 (1Mbit)
M25P05 (512Kbit)
M25PX64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25PE16 (16Mbit)
M25PE80 (8Mbit)
M25PE40 (4Mbit)
M25PE20 (2Mbit)
M25PE10 (1Mbit)
M45PE16 (16Mbit)
M45PE80 (8Mbit)
M45PE40 (4Mbit)
M45PE20 (2Mbit)
M45PE10 (1Mbit)
W25Q256JW (256Mbit)
W25Q128JW (128Mbit)
W25Q64JW (64Mbit)
W25Q32JW (32Mbit)
W25M512JV (512Mbit)
W25M512JW (512Mbit)
W25H02NW (2Gbit)
W25H01NW (1Gbit)
W25H512NW (512Mbit)
W25H02JV (2Gbit)
W25H01JV (1Gbit)
W25H512JV (512Mbit)
W25Q02NW (2Gbit)
W25Q01NW (1Gbit)
W25Q512NW (512Mbit)
W25Q01NW (1Gbit)
W25Q512NW (512Mbit)
W25Q256FV (256Mbit)
W25Q02JV (2Gbit)
W25Q01JV (1Gbit)
W25Q512JV (512Mbit)
W25Q256JV (256Mbit)
W25Q128JV (128Mbit)
W25Q64JV (64Mbit)
W25Q32JV (32Mbit)
W25Q01 (256Mbit)
W25Q512 (512Mbit)
W25Q256 (256Mbit)
W25Q128 (128Mbit)
W25Q64 (64Mbit)
W25Q32 (32Mbit)
W25Q16 (16Mbit)
W25Q16JV-DTR (16Mbit)
W25Q16JW (16Mbit)
W25Q16JW (16Mbit)
W25Q80 (8Mbit)
W25Q40 (4Mbit)
W25X64 (64Mbit)
W25X32 (32Mbit)
W25X16 (16Mbit)
W25X80 (8Mbit)
W25X40 (4Mbit)
W25X20 (2Mbit)
W25X10 (2Mbit)
W25X05 (512Kbit)
W25M121AV (128Mbit/1Gbit)
W25Q256FW (256Mbit)
W25Q128FW (128Mbit)
W25Q64FW (64Mbit)
W25Q32FW (32Mbit)
W25Q16FW (16Mbit)
W25Q80EW (8Mbit)
W25Q40EW (4Mbit)
W25Q20EW (2Mbit)
W25Q80BW (8Mbit)
W25Q40BW (4Mbit)
W25Q20BW (2Mbit)
MX66L1G45G (1Gbit)
MX25LM51245G (512Mbit)
MX25L51245G (512Mbit)
MX25L25655E (256Mbit)
MX25L256 (256Mbit)
MX25L12855E (128Mbit)
MX25L128 (128Mbit)
MX25L6455E (64Mbit)
MX25L640 (64Mbit)
MX25L320 (32Mbit)
MX25L3205D (32Mbit)
MX25L323 (32Mbit)
MX25L3255E (32Mbit)
MX25L1633E (16Mbit)
MX25L160 (16Mbit)
MX25L80 (8Mbit)
MX25L40 (4Mbit)
MX25L20 (2Mbit)
MX25L10 (1Mbit)
MX25L512 (512Kbit)
MX25L1021E (1Mbit)
MX25L5121E (512Kbit)
MX66L51235F (512Mbit)
MX25V8035 (8Mbit)
MX25V4035 (4Mbit)
MX25V1635F (16Mbit)
MX25V8035F (8Mbit)
MX25R6435 (64Mbit)
MX25R3235F (32Mbit)
MX25R1635F (16Mbit)
MX25R8035F (8Mbit)
MX25L3235E (32Mbit)
MX25L2005 (32Mbit)
MX25L2006E (32Mbit)
MX25L2026E (32Mbit)
MX25L51245G (32Mbit)
MX25UM51345G (512Mbit)
MX25U25645G (256Mbit)
MX25U12873F (128Mbit)
MX25U643 (64Mbit)
MX25UW6445G (64Mbit)
MX25U323 (32Mbit)
MX25U3235F (32Mbit)
MX25U1635E (16Mbit)
MX25U803 (8Mbit)
EN25Q128 (128Mbit)
EN25Q64 (64Mbit)
EN25Q32 (32Mbit)
EN25Q16 (16Mbit)
EN25Q80 (8Mbit)
EN25Q40 (4Mbit)
EN25QH128 (128Mbit)
EN25QH64 (64Mbit)
EN25QH32 (32Mbit)
EN25QH16 (16Mbit)
EN25QH80 (8Mbit)
EN25P64 (64Mbit)
EN25P32 (32Mbit)
EN25P16 (16Mbit)
EN25F32 (32Mbit)
EN25F16 (16Mbit)
EN25F80 (8Mbit)
EN25F40 (4Mbit)
EN25F20 (2Mbit)
EN25T32 (32Mbit)
EN25T16 (16Mbit)
EN25T80 (8Mbit)
EN25T40 (4Mbit)
EN25T20 (2Mbit)
EN25F10 (1Mbit)
EN25S64 (64Mbit)
EN25S32 (32Mbit)
EN25S16 (16Mbit)
EN25S80 (8Mbit)
EN25S40 (4Mbit)
EN25S20 (2Mbit)
EN25S10 (1Mbit)
SST26VF064 (64Mbit)
SST26VF064B (64Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF032B (32Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26VF016B (16Mbit)
SST26VF080A (8Mbit)
SST26VF040A (4Mbit)
SST25VF128B (128Mbit)
SST25VF064C (64Mbit)
SST25VF032 (32Mbit)
SST25VF032B (32Mbit)
SST25VF016B (16Mbit)
SST25VF080 (8Mbit)
SST25VF080B (8Mbit)
SST25VF040B (4Mbit)
SST25VF020 (2Mbit)
SST25VF020A (2Mbit)
SST25VF010 (1Mbit)
SST25VF010A (1Mbit)
SST25VF512 (512Kbit)
SST25PF040C (4Mbit)
SST25LF080A (8Mbit)
SST25LF040A (4Mbit)
SST25LF020A (2Mbit)
SST26WF064 (64Mbit)
SST26WF032 (32Mbit)
SST26WF016 (16Mbit)
SST26WF080 (8Mbit)
SST26WF040 (4Mbit)
SST25WF080B (8Mbit)
SST25WF040 (4Mbit)
SST25WF020A (2Mbit)
SST25WF040B (4Mbit)
SST25WF020 (2Mbit)
SST25WF010 (1Mbit)
SST25WF512 (512Kbit)
PM25LV016B (16Mbit)
PM25LV080B (8Mbit)
PM25LV040 (4Mbit)
PM25LV020 (2Mbit)
PM25LV010 (1Mbit)
PM25LV512 (512Kbit)
PM25LD020 (2Mbit)
PM25LD010 (1Mbit)
PM25LD512 (512Kbit)
A25LQ64 (64Mbit)
A25LQ32A (32Mbit)
A25L032 (32Mbit)
A25L016 (16Mbit)
A25LQ16 (16Mbit)
A25L080 (8Mbit)
A25L040 (4Mbit)
A25L020 (2Mbit)
A25L010 (1Mbit)
A25L512 (512Kbit)
A25LS512A (512Kbit)
FM25Q128 (32Mbit)
FM25Q64A (32Mbit)
FM25Q32A (32Mbit)
FM25Q16A (16Mbit)
FM25Q08 (8Mbit)
FM25Q08 (8Mbit)
FM25Q04 (4Mbit)
FM25Q02 (2Mbit)
FM25M04A (4Mbit)
FM25M08A (8Mbit)
FM25M16A (16Mbit)
FM25M32A (32Mbit)
FM25M64A (64Mbit)
FM25M4AA (4Mbit)
DS25M4BA (4Mbit)
GD25Q256 (256Mbit)
GD25Q128 (128Mbit)
GD25Q64 (64Mbit)
GD25Q32 (32Mbit)
GD25Q16 (16Mbit)
GD25Q80 (8Mbit)
GD25WQ80E (8Mbit)
GD25Q40 (4Mbit)
GD25Q20 (2Mbit)
GD25Q10 (1Mbit)
GD25Q512 (512Kbit)
GD25VQ16C (16Mbit)
GD25VQ80C (8Mbit)
GD25VQ41B (4Mbit)
GD25VQ21B (2Mbit)
MD25D16SIG (16Mbit)
GD25LQ128 (128Mbit)
GD25LQ64 (64Mbit)
GD25LQ32 (32Mbit)
GD25LQ16 (16Mbit)
GD25LQ80 (8Mbit)
GD25LQ40 (4Mbit)
GD25LQ20 (2Mbit)
GD25LQ10 (1Mbit)
IS25LP512 (512Mbit)
IS25LP256 (256Mbit)
IS25LP128 (128Mbit)
IS25LP064 (64Mbit)
IS25LP032 (32Mbit)
IS25LP016 (16Mbit)
IS25LP080 (8Mbit)
IS25CD020 (2Mbit)
IS25CD010 (1Mbit)
IS25CD512 (512Kbit)
IS25CD025 (256Kbit)
IS25CQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LQ016 (16Mbit)
IS25LQ080 (8Mbit)
IS25LQ040B (4Mbit)
IS25LQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25LQ020 (2Mbit)
IS25LQ020 (2Mbit)
IS25LQ010 (1Mbit)
IS25LQ512 (512Kbit)
IS25LQ025 (256Kbit)
IS25LD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WP256 (256Mbit)
IS25WP128 (128Mbit)
IS25WP064 (64Mbit)
IS25WP032 (32Mbit)
IS25WP016 (16Mbit)
IS25WP080 (8Mbit)
IS25WP040 (4Mbit)
IS25WP020 (2Mbit)
IS25WQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25WQ020 (2Mbit)
IS25WD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WD020 (2Mbit)
F25L64QA (32Mbit)
F25L32QA (32Mbit)
F25L16QA (32Mbit)
F25L14QA (32Mbit)
F25L08 (8Mbit)
F25L08 (8Mbit)
F25L04 (4Mbit)
F25L04 (4Mbit)
F25L64PA (16Mbit)
F25L32PA (16Mbit)
F25L16PA (16Mbit)
F25L08PA (8Mbit)
F25L04PA (4Mbit)
F25L02PA (2Mbit)
NM25Q128 (128Mbit)
NM25Q64 (64Mbit)
LE25FU406B (4Mbit)
LE25FW406A (4Mbit)
Berg Micro
BG25Q32A (32Mbit)
XM25QH128C (128Mbit)
XM25QH64A (64Mbit)
XM25QH32B (32Mbit)
XM25QH128A (128Mbit)
XM25QH128C (128Mbit)
BY25D16 (16Mbit)
BY25Q32 (32Mbit)
BY25Q64 (64Mbit)
BY25Q128A (128Mbit)
P25Q32H (32Mbit)
P25Q16H (16Mbit)
P25Q80H (8Mbit)
P25D16H (16Mbit)
P25D80H (8Mbit)
P25D40H (4Mbit)
P25D20H (2Mbit)
P25D10H (1Mbit)
P25D05H (512Kbit)
FT25L04 (4Mbit)
FT25L02 (1Mbit)
FT25H16 (16Mbit)
FT25H08 (8Mbit)
FT25H04 (4Mbit)
FT25H02 (2Mbit)
XT25F256B (256Mbit)
XT25F128B (128Mbit)
XT25F64B (64Mbit)
Zbit Semi
ZB25VQ128 (128Mbit)
ZB25VQ64 (64Mbit)
ZB25VQ32 (32Mbit)
ZB25VQ16 (16Mbit)
ZB25VQ80 (8Mbit)
ZB25VQ40 (4Mbit)
ZB25VQ20 (2Mbit)
ZB25VQ128 (128Mbit)
ZB25VQ64 (64Mbit)
ZB25VQ32 (32Mbit)
ZB25VQ16 (16Mbit)
ZB25VQ80 (8Mbit)
ZB25VQ40 (4Mbit)
ZB25VQ20 (2Mbit)
ZB25D40 (4Mbit)

Verified to work with these SPI NAND Flash devices:

MT29F1G01ABA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G01ABB (1Gbit)
MT29F2G01AAA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G01ABA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G01ABB (2Gbit)
MT29F4G01ADA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G01AAA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G01ABA (4Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4UB (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4RB (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4UE (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4RE (1Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4UB (2Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4RB (2Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UA (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UB (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4RB (4Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4UC (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4RC (1Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4UC (2Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4RC (2Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UC (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4RC (4Gbit)
GD5F1GQ5RE (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ5UE (1Gbit)
W25N512GV (512Mbit)
W25N01GV (1Gbit)
W25M02GV (2Gbit)
W25N02KV (2Gbit)
W25N512GW (512Mbit)
W25N01GW (1Gbit)
W25M02GW (2Gbit)
TC58CVG0S3 (1Gbit)
TC58CVG1S3 (2Gbit)
TC58CVG2S0 (4Gbit)
TC58CYG0S3 (1Gbit)
TC58CYG1S3 (2Gbit)
TC58CYG2S0 (4Gbit)
PN26Q01A (1Gbit)
PN26Q02A (2Gbit)
PN26G01A (1Gbit)
XT26G01A (1Gbit)
XT26G02A (2Gbit)
XT26G01B (1Gbit)
XT26G02B (2Gbit)
DS35Q1GX (1Gbit)
DS35M1GX (1Gbit)
DS35Q2GX (2Gbit)
DS35M2GX (2Gbit)
MX35LF1GE4AB (1Gbit)
MX35LF2GE4AB (2Gbit)
MX35LF1G24AD (1Gbit)
MX35LF2G24AD (2Gbit)
MX35LF4G24AD (4Gbit)
IS37/38SML01G1 (1Gbit)
F50L1G41A (1Gbit)
F50L1G41LB (1Gbit)
FM25G01 (1Gbit)
FM25G02 (2Gbit)
FM25LS01 (1Gbit)
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