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Cables and Test Clips


Standard Test Clips

SOIC-16 Standard JEDEC 16-lead packages
SOIC-8 Standard JEDEC and EIAJ 8-lead packages)

Premium Test Clips

Motherboard Specific Cables

In-circuit TSOP-48 Clips

    Compatible with MACH¹ and XPORT, these adapters are designed to be used with the UNI-48-CLIP in order to read/write memory in-circuit for both NAND and NOR memory in TSOP-48 packages.

This product is designed for professionals and it may not work in all situations. To help with testing and setup, two breakout boards with memory is included.

Tip: in some situations it maybe neccasary to halt the processor connected to the memory. One solution is to use FlashcatUSB Professional in JTAG mode and issue the HIGH-Z instruction or connect the RESET line to high.

We no longer sell or carry the UNI-48-CLIP, you must purchase this product seperately. This product does not come with any warranty or tech support.

TSOP-48 (NOR X16) In Stock - ships in 3-4 days
TSOP-48 (NAND X8) In Stock - ships in 3-4 days

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