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Cables and Test Clips


In-circuit TSOP-48 Clips

    Compatible with MACH¹ and XPORT, this kit is designed to give you the ability to read/write memory in-circuit for both NAND and NOR memory in TSOP-48 packages.

This product is designed for professionals and it may not work in all situations. To help with testing and setup, two breakout boards with memory is included.

The adapter boards includes a switch and external DC-jack that can be used power external devices that may require more voltage than FlashcatUSB.

Tip: in some situations it maybe neccasary to halt the processor connected to the memory. One solution is to use FlashcatUSB Professional in JTAG mode and issue the HIGH-Z instruction.

This product does not come with any 'Tech Support'

This kit includes:
  • UNI-48 in-circuit clip
  • 60-pin flat-flex cable (6 inches)
  • TSOP-48 NAND X8 adapter board
  • TSOP-48 NOR X16 adapter board
  • Parallel NOR Flash Test Board
  • Parallel NAND Flash Test Board

Standard Test Clips

SOIC-16 Standard JEDEC 16-lead packages
SOIC-8 Standard JEDEC and EIAJ 8-lead packages)

Premium Test Clips

Motherboard Specific Cables

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