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On this page you can contact us regarding any service or product you may have found on our website. Please be as detailed as you can so we can better serve you. Before you send us a message, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question is already covered, you will not receive a response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a full copy of the manual in the software download file. It is updated every month and covers all hardware platforms. A separate manual is included that covers the script programming language.

Instructions for updating the firmware are in the software manual! Classic (and variants) and XPORT will need to be booted into DFU mode. This typically means you need to install the driver again (same driver as before). Once it is in DFU mode, you can use the software to update the device.

We are not a website that teaches people how to repair electronics, especially consumer devices. Our products and services are designed for professionals or hobbyists that already have knowledge and experience. If you are a commercial user, you can request a consultation support agreement. But for all other users, don’t ask us how to fix your computer, laser printer, etc. If you want to learn things, I recommend eevblog.

Our products and services focus on one thing: non-volatile memory. As such, we offer no support for other type of hardware programming, such as Atmel or Microchip microcontroller programming. For that, you can purchase an MCU debugger, such as an Atmel ICE, AVR Dragon, or PICKit3.

Devices such as these typically can not be read. It might be possible if the device supports reading and the security fuse/register is not programmed. But if you did not manufacture or design the logic that exists within the current device, do not expect that any of our devices will be able to read or dump it. Thus, the software’s CPLD programming script (SVF_Player.fcs) only supports write operations.

This is a difficult question to answer. Typically, the ability for a memory device (such as SPI Flash or NOR Flash) to be programmed in circuit, is largely dependent on the design of the circuit board that contains the memory. All of our programmers a re capable of doing this, and some maybe easier to do than others. The website zeigren sells compatible adapters that can be used with our products. Your results may vary.

Request a commercial invoice above. For typical customers, this can take up to a week. For Commercial License holders, expect it within 24 hours, or request to have a copy placed into your order.

We process purchase orders from pre-qualified companies. Typically, companies that have a previous business relationship with us and / or companies that hold valid commercial licenses. We accept Net-30 billing.

We offer multiple shipping options for both domestic and international shipments. For rates, please see Shipping Policy.

If you are a company, we can bill your courier account. There is a minimum of $250 USD per order (unless you are a commercial license holder). To do so, simply place the order on the website, pay using the default shipping method, then email or call to arrange the shipment to be shipped via your account.

We accept direct wire transfers from qualified buyers. Typically orders need to be at a minimum of $250 USD.

We are located in Central Oregon. All products are produced and shipped from Oregon unless otherwise noted). We do not allow local pickup.

We are registered with Dun & Bradstreet. Our registration number is listed on your invoice. Request additional information above as needed.

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