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Parallel Flash Adapters (NOR and NAND devices)


These adapters and sockets are compatible with the FlashcatUSB programmers. To use them you will need an Extension Port (SPI to Parallel adapter) or you can make your own with the provided schematics.



FlashcatUSB Extension Port

This board adds the ability for FlashcatUSB PCB 2.x and 3.x to interface with parallel NOR and NAND memory devices.


  • Compatible with FlashcatUSB PCB 2.x and PCB 3.x

  • Supports both NAND (x8) and NOR (x8 / x16) Flash types

  • Supports 32 address bits (x8) and 24 address bits (x16)

  • Address and data I/O: (A0 to A23) and (DQ0 to DQ15)

  • Hardware control pins: 3 (CE, OE, WE)

  • Reads data up to 200KB/s, writes data up to 175KB/s




Flash Memory Socket Adapters


  Socket Type Information Price
11.5mm by 14mm, 1.27mm pitch. Supports typical Series 28 and 29 devices. Rev. B includes VPP switch for legacy devices that need 12v for erasing or programming.

Supports older devices that use a non-standard pinout.

Supports Firmware Hub (FWH) memory devices.

DIP-32 Supports 32-pin 28 and 29 series and 3.3v or 5v. Revision B includes VPP switch for legacy devices that need 12v for erasing or programming.

(Type A)
Supports newer 29 series Flash devices such as AM29F080B and AM29F016D.

SO-44 Fits standard SOP-44 (500 mil) devices. On board voltage circuit allows 3.3v, 5v, and 12v for VPP. Supports 28 and 29 series and 16-mbit and 32-mbit devices.

(Type A)
Supports standard NOR Flash devices.
Jumper settings:
28 Series: [XX]X [XX]X [XX]X
29 Series: X[XX] X[XX] X[XX]

(Type B)
Supports SLC X8 NAND devices.

See list below for supported devices.

(Type A)
Standard size: 14mm by 20mm, pitch 0.5mm

Supports newer 29 series Flash devices and densities up to 512Mb.

(Type B)
Supports older 28 Series Flash devices.

See list below for compatibility list.

  EXT-ADP A complete package of all eight of the above socket adapters and one Extension Port.

NOR Flashes supported:

A28F512 (512Kbit)
28F320J3 (32Mbit)
28F640J3 (64Mbit)
28F128J3 (128Mbit)
28F256J3 (256Mbit)
28F320J5 (32Mbit)
28F640J5 (64Mbit)
28F800C3(T) (8Mbit)
28F800C3(B) (8Mbit)
28F160C3(T) (16Mbit)
28F160C3(B) (16Mbit)
28F320C3(T) (32Mbit)
28F320C3(B) (32Mbit)
28F640C3(T) (64Mbit)
28F640C3(B) (64Mbit)
28F400B3(T) (4Mbit)
28F400B3(B) (4Mbit)
28F800B3(T) (8Mbit)
28F800B3(B) (8Mbit)
28F160B3(T) (16Mbit)
28F160B3(B) (16Mbit)
28F320B3(T) (32Mbit)
28F320B3(B) (32Mbit)
28F640B3(T) (64Mbit)
28F640B3(B) (64Mbit)
AM29F010B (1Mbit)
AM29F040B (4Mbit)
AM29F080B (8Mbit)
AM29F016D (16Mbit)
AM29F032B (32Mbit)
AM29LV200(T) (2Mbit)
AM29LV200(B) (2Mbit)
AM29F200(T) (2Mbit)
AM29F200(B) (2Mbit)
AM29LV400(T) (4Mbit)
AM29LV400(B) (4Mbit)
AM29F400(T) (4Mbit)
AM29F400(B) (4Mbit)
AM29LV800(T) (8Mbit)
AM29LV800(B) (8Mbit)
AM29F800(T) (8Mbit)
AM29F800(B) (8Mbit)
AM29LV160B(T) (16Mbit)
AM29LV160B(B) (16Mbit)
AM29DL322G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL322G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29DL323G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL323G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29DL324G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL324G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320D(T) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320D(B) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320M(T) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320M(B) (32Mbit)
W49F002U (2Mbit)
W29EE512 (512Kbit)
W29C010 (1Mbit)
W29C020 (2Mbit)
W29C040 (4Mbit)
W29GL032CT (32Mbit)
W29GL032CB (32Mbit)
39SF512 (512Kbit)
39SF010 (1Mbit)
39SF020 (2Mbit)
39LF010 (1Mbit)
39LF020 (2Mbit)
39LF040 (4Mbit)
39VF800 (8Mbit)
39VF160 (16Mbit)
39VF1681 (16Mbit)
39VF1682 (16Mbit)
39VF1601 (16Mbit)
39VF1602 (16Mbit)
39VF1602C (16Mbit)
39VF3201 (32Mbit)
39VF3202 (32Mbit)
39VF6401 (64Mbit)
39VF6402 (64Mbit)
AT29C010A (1Mbit)
AT49F512 (512Kbit)
AT49F010 (1Mbit)
AT49F020 (2Mbit)
AT49F040 (4Mbit)
AT49F040T (4Mbit)
AT49BV/LV16X (16Mbit)
AT49BV/LV16XT (16Mbit)
MX29L3211 (32Mbit)
MX29LV040 (4Mbit)
MX29LV400T (4Mbit)
MX29LV400B (4Mbit)
MX29LV800T (8Mbit)
MX29LV800B (8Mbit)
MX29LV160DT (16Mbit)
MX29LV160DB (16Mbit)
MX29LV320T (32Mbit)
MX29LV320B (32Mbit)
MX29LV640ET (64Mbit)
MX29LV640EB (64Mbit)
MX29GL128F (128Mbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S29AL004D(B) (4Mbit)
S29AL004D(T) (4Mbit)
S29AL008J(B) (8Mbit)
S29AL008J(T) (8Mbit)
S29AL016D(B) (16Mbit)
S29AL016D(T) (16Mbit)
S29AL032D (32Mbit)
S29AL032D(B) (32Mbit)
S29AL032D(T) (32Mbit)
S29GL128 (128Mbit)
S29GL256 (256Mbit)
S29GL512 (512Mbit)
S29GL01G (1Gbit)
S29JL064J (64Mbit)
S29GL032M (32Mbit)
S29GL032M (32Mbit)
S29GL032M(B) (32Mbit)
S29GL032M(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL064M(T) (64Mbit)
S29GL064M(B) (64Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL128M (128Mbit)
S29GL256M (256Mbit)
S29GL128N (128Mbit)
S29GL256N (256Mbit)
S29GL512N (512Mbit)
S29GL128P (128Mbit)
S29GL256P (256Mbit)
S29GL512P (512Mbit)
S29GL01GP (1Gbit)
S29GL128S (128Mbit)
S29GL256S (256Mbit)
S29GL512S (512Mbit)
S29GL01GS (1Gbit)
S29GL512T (512Mbit)
S29GL01GT (1Gbit)
S70GL02G (2Gbit)
M29F200T (2Mbit)
M29F200B (2Mbit)
M29F400T (4Mbit)
M29F400B (4Mbit)
M29F800T (8Mbit)
M29F800B (8Mbit)
M29W800AT (8Mbit)
M29W800AB (8Mbit)
M29W800DT (8Mbit)
M29W800DB (8Mbit)
M28W160CT (16Mbit)
M28W160CB (16Mbit)
M29W160ET (16Mbit)
M29W160EB (16Mbit)
M29D323DT (32Mbit)
M29D323DB (32Mbit)
M28W320FCT (32Mbit)
M28W320FCB (32Mbit)
M28W320BT (32Mbit)
M28W320BB (32Mbit)
M29W320DT (32Mbit)
M29W320DB (32Mbit)
M29W320ET (32Mbit)
M29W320EB (32Mbit)
M28W640ECT (64Mbit)
M28W640ECB (64Mbit)
M58LW064D (64Mbit)
M27C1024 (1Mbit)
M27C256B (256Kbit)
M27C512 (512Kbit)
M27C1001 (1Mbit)
M27C2001 (2Mbit)
M27C4001 (4Mbit)
M29F200FT (2Mbit)
M29F200FB (2Mbit)
M29F400FT (4Mbit)
M29F400FB (4Mbit)
M29F800FT (8Mbit)
M29F800FB (8Mbit)
M29F160FT (16Mbit)
M29F160FB (16Mbit)
M29W160ET (16Mbit)
M29W160EB (16Mbit)
M29W320DT (32Mbit)
M29W320DB (32Mbit)
M29W640GH (64Mbit)
M29W640GL (64Mbit)
M29W640GT (64Mbit)
M29W640GB (64Mbit)
M29W128GH (128Mbit)
M29W128GL (128Mbit)
M29W256GH (256Mbit)
M29W256GL (256Mbit)
M29W512G (512Mbit)
LHF00L15 (32Mbit)
LH28F160S3 (16Mbit)
LH28F320S3 (32Mbit)
LH28F160BJE (16Mbit)
LH28F320BJE (32Mbit)
TC58FVT800 (8Mbit)
TC58FVB800 (8Mbit)
TC58FVT160 (16Mbit)
TC58FVB160 (16Mbit)
TC58FVT321 (32Mbit)
TC58FVB321 (32Mbit)
K8P1615UQB (16Mbit)
K8D1716UT (16Mbit)
K8D1716UB (16Mbit)
K8D3216UT (32Mbit)
K8D3216UB (32Mbit)
K8P3215UQB (32Mbit)
K8D6316UT (64Mbit)
K8D6316UB (64Mbit)
K8P6415UQB (64Mbit)
K8P2716UZC (128Mbit)
K8Q2815UQB (128Mbit)
K8P5516UZB (256Mbit)
K8P5615UQA (256Mbit)
HY29F400T (4Mbit)
HY29F400B (4Mbit)
HY29F800T (8Mbit)
HY29F800B (8Mbit)
HY29LV400T (4Mbit)
HY29LV400B (4Mbit)
HY29LV800T (8Mbit)
HY29LV800B (8Mbit)
HY29LV160T (16Mbit)
HY29LV160B (16Mbit)
HY29LV320T (32Mbit)
HY29LV320B (32Mbit)
MBM29LV200TC (2Mbit)
MBM29LV200BC (2Mbit)
MBM29LV400TC (4Mbit)
MBM29LV400BC (4Mbit)
MBM29LV800TA (8Mbit)
MBM29LV800BA (8Mbit)
MBM29LV160T (16Mbit)
MBM29LV160B (16Mbit)
MBM29LV320TE (32Mbit)
MBM29LV320BE (32Mbit)
MBM29DL32XTD (32Mbit)
MBM29DL32XBD (32Mbit)
EN29LV400AT (4Mbit)
EN29LV400AB (4Mbit)
EN29LV800AT (8Mbit)
EN29LV800AB (8Mbit)
EN29LV160AT (16Mbit)
EN29LV160AB (16Mbit)
EN29LV320AT (32Mbit)
EN29LV320AB (32Mbit)
EN29LV640 (64Mbit)
AT27C010 (1Mbit)
AT27C020 (2Mbit)
AT27C040 (4Mbit)
AT27C516 (512Kbit)
AT27C1024 (1Mbit)
AT27C2048 (2Mbit)
AT27C4096 (4Mbit)

SLC NAND Flashes supported:

NAND128W3A (128Mbit)
NAND256R3A (256Mbit)
NAND256W3A (256Mbit)
NAND512R3A (512Mbit)
NAND512W3A (512Mbit)
NAND01GR3A (1Gbit)
NAND01GW3A (1Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
MT29F2G08AAB (2Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABAEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABBEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABADAWP (1Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBEA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAEA (2Gbit)
MT29F4G08BAB (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08AAA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABA (4Gbit)
MT29F8G08BAA (8Gbit)
TC58DVM92A5TA10 (512Mbit)
TC58BVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTAI0 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTA00 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTAI0 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTA00 (4Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
TC58BVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
TH58NVG3S0HTA00 (8Gbit)
TH58NVG3S0HTAI0 (8Gbit)
W29N01GV (1Gbit)
W29N02GV (2Gbit)
MX30LF1208AA (512Mbit)
MX30LF1GE8AB (1Gbit)
MX30UF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G08AA (1Gbit)
MX30LF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30LF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF2GE8AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF4G18AC (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G18AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4G28AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4GE8AB (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G28AB (4Gbit)
MX60LF8G18AC (8Gbit)
MX60LF8G28AB (8Gbit)
K9F5608U0D (256Mbit)
K9F1208U0C (512Mbit)
K9F1G08U0A (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0D (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9F1G08X0 (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0E (1Gbit)
K9F2G08X0 (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0C (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0M (4Gbit)
K9G8G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9W8G08U1M (4Gbit)
K9F4G08U0B (4Gbit)
K9GAG08U0E (16Gbit)
K9GAG08U0M (16Gbit)
K9K8G08U0A (8Gbit)
K9WAG08U1A (16Gbit)
K9NBG08U5A (32Gbit)
HY27US08121B (512Mbit)
HY27US08561A (256Mbit)
HY27SS08561A (256Mbit)
HY27US0812(1/2)B (512Mbit)
H27U1G8F2B (1Gbit)
H27U1G8F2CTR (1Gbit)
HY27UF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27US081G1M (1Gbit)
HY27SF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27UF082G2B (2Gbit)
HY27UF082G2A (2Gbit)
H27U2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27U2G6F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G6F2C (2Gbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S34ML01G1 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G1 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G1 (4Gbit)
S34ML01G2 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G2 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G2 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G204 (4Gbit)
A5U1GA31ATS (1Gbit)