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FlashcatUSB xPort
Built using the FlashcatUSB Classic core, it combines both the FlashcatUSB and the Extension Port into a single board solution. This allows the xPort programmer to be very compact, low priced, twice as fast when programming large NOR devices, and easy to use. In addition, the xPort also supports serial memory using the included adapter.

SPI socket adapters (SO8, SO16, DIP8, WSON8) are available here
Parallel sockets (PLCC-32, TSOP-48, TSOP-56) are available here

Hardware Features:

  • Compatible with the FlashcatUSB Classic software and API

  • Fast 16MHz RISC processor with 64KB of internal memory

  • USB 2.0 compatible

  • External voltage regulator with 3.3V and 5V output

  • Upgradable firmware over USB

  • On board reset button (reset and bootloader mode)

  • All standard extension port sockets are compatible

  • Supports both NOR (x8 / x16) and NAND devices (up to 4Gbit)

  • Address and data I/O: (A0 to A27) and (DQ0 to DQ15)

  • Supports 512Mbit, 1Gbit and 2Gbit NOR Flash devices

  • 10-pin port adapter adds full compatibility with FlashcatUSB Classic


A FlashcatUSB xPort, SPI port adapter and USB 2.0 cable. Parallel sockets sold separately.
Ships in 24 hours




FlashcatUSB xPort with TSOP-48 (Type A) socket


Current Supported Features


AVR Firmware 4.33

Multi-voltage I/O devices 3.3v and 5v memory devices
Parallel / Multi-Purpose Flash memory Series 28 and 29
NAND memory devices Supports all SLC x8 NAND devices
Supports high-density NOR Supports addresses up to A27
Series 25/26 SPI Flash Memory SPI / SQI devices supported
I2C and TWI EEPROM devices All 24Cxx supported

Compatible with these parallel NOR Flash devices:

A28F512 (512Kbit)
28F256J3 (256Mbit)
28F128J3 (128Mbit)
28F640J3 (64Mbit)
28F320J3 (32Mbit)
28F320J5 (32Mbit)
28F640J5 (64Mbit)
28F800C3(T) (8Mbit)
28F800C3(B) (8Mbit)
28F160C3(T) (16Mbit)
28F160C3(B) (16Mbit)
28F320C3(T) (32Mbit)
28F320C3(B) (32Mbit)
28F640C3(T) (64Mbit)
28F640C3(B) (64Mbit)
28F008SA (8Mbit)
28F400B3(T) (4Mbit)
28F400B3(B) (4Mbit)
28F800B3(T) (8Mbit)
28F800B3(B) (8Mbit)
28F160B3(T) (16Mbit)
28F160B3(B) (16Mbit)
28F320B3(T) (32Mbit)
28F320B3(B) (32Mbit)
28F640B3(T) (64Mbit)
28F640B3(B) (64Mbit)
AM29LV002B(T) (2Mbit)
AM29LV002B(B) (2Mbit)
AM29LV065D (64Mbit)
AM29F040 (4Mbit)
AM29F010B (1Mbit)
AM29F040B (4Mbit)
AM29F080B (8Mbit)
AM29F016D (16Mbit)
AM29F032B (32Mbit)
AM29LV200(T) (2Mbit)
AM29LV200(B) (2Mbit)
AM29F200(T) (2Mbit)
AM29F200(B) (2Mbit)
AM29LV400(T) (4Mbit)
AM29LV400(B) (4Mbit)
AM29F400(T) (4Mbit)
AM29F400(B) (4Mbit)
AM29LV800(T) (8Mbit)
AM29LV800(B) (8Mbit)
AM29F800(T) (8Mbit)
AM29F800(B) (8Mbit)
AM29LV160B(T) (16Mbit)
AM29LV160B(B) (16Mbit)
AM29DL322G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL322G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29DL323G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL323G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29DL324G(T) (32Mbit)
AM29DL324G(B) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320D(T) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320D(B) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320M(T) (32Mbit)
AM29LV320M(B) (32Mbit)
W49F020 (2Mbit)
W49F002U (2Mbit)
W29EE512 (512Kbit)
W29C010 (1Mbit)
W29C020 (2Mbit)
W29C040 (4Mbit)
W29GL032CT (32Mbit)
W29GL032CB (32Mbit)
39VF401C/39LF401C (4Mbit)
39VF402C/39LF402C (4Mbit)
39SF512 (512Kbit)
39SF010 (1Mbit)
39SF020 (2Mbit)
39LF010 (1Mbit)
39LF020 (2Mbit)
39LF040 (4Mbit)
39VF800 (8Mbit)
39VF160 (16Mbit)
39VF1681 (16Mbit)
39VF1682 (16Mbit)
39VF1601 (16Mbit)
39VF1602 (16Mbit)
39VF1602C (16Mbit)
39VF3201 (32Mbit)
39VF3202 (32Mbit)
39VF6401 (64Mbit)
39VF6402 (64Mbit)
AT29C010A (1Mbit)
AT49F512 (512Kbit)
AT49F010 (1Mbit)
AT49F020 (2Mbit)
AT49F040 (4Mbit)
AT49F040T (4Mbit)
AT49BV/LV16X (16Mbit)
AT49BV/LV16XT (16Mbit)
MX29F800T (8Mbit)
MX29F800B (8Mbit)
MX29F1610 (16Mbit)
MX29L3211 (32Mbit)
MX29LV040 (4Mbit)
MX29LV400T (4Mbit)
MX29LV400B (4Mbit)
MX29LV800T (8Mbit)
MX29LV800B (8Mbit)
MX29LV160DT (16Mbit)
MX29LV160DB (16Mbit)
MX29LV320T (32Mbit)
MX29LV320B (32Mbit)
MX29LV640ET (64Mbit)
MX29LV640EB (64Mbit)
MX29GL128F (128Mbit)
MX29GL256F (256Mbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S29AL004D(B) (4Mbit)
S29AL004D(T) (4Mbit)
S29AL008J(B) (8Mbit)
S29AL008J(T) (8Mbit)
S29AL016M(B) (16Mbit)
S29AL016M(T) (16Mbit)
S29AL016D(B) (16Mbit)
S29AL016D(T) (16Mbit)
S29AL032D (32Mbit)
S29AL032D(B) (32Mbit)
S29AL032D(T) (32Mbit)
S29GL128 (128Mbit)
S29GL256 (256Mbit)
S29GL512 (512Mbit)
S29GL01G (1Gbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL064J (64Mbit)
S29GL032M (32Mbit)
S29GL032M(B) (32Mbit)
S29GL032M(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(B) (32Mbit)
S29JL032J(T) (32Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL064M(T) (64Mbit)
S29GL064M(B) (64Mbit)
S29GL064M (64Mbit)
S29GL128M (128Mbit)
S29GL256M (256Mbit)
S29GL032N (32Mbit)
S29GL064N (64Mbit)
S29GL128N (128Mbit)
S29GL256N (256Mbit)
S29GL512N (512Mbit)
S29GL128S (128Mbit)
S29GL256S (256Mbit)
S29GL512S (512Mbit)
S29GL01GS (1Gbit)
S29GL128P (128Mbit)
S29GL256P (256Mbit)
S29GL512P (512Mbit)
S29GL01GP (1Gbit)
S29GL512T (512Mbit)
S29GL01GT (1Gbit)
S70GL02G (2Gbit)
M29F200T (2Mbit)
M29F200B (2Mbit)
M29F400T (4Mbit)
M29F400B (4Mbit)
M29F800T (8Mbit)
M29F800B (8Mbit)
M29W800AT (8Mbit)
M29W800AB (8Mbit)
M29W800DT (8Mbit)
M29W800DB (8Mbit)
M29W160ET (16Mbit)
M29W160EB (16Mbit)
M29D323DT (32Mbit)
M29D323DB (32Mbit)
M29W320DT (32Mbit)
M29W320DB (32Mbit)
M29W320ET (32Mbit)
M29W320EB (32Mbit)
M28W160CT (16Mbit)
M28W160CB (16Mbit)
M28W320FCT (32Mbit)
M28W320FCB (32Mbit)
M28W320BT (32Mbit)
M28W320BB (32Mbit)
M28W640ECT (64Mbit)
M28W640ECB (64Mbit)
M58LW064D (64Mbit)
M29F200FT (2Mbit)
M29F200FB (2Mbit)
M29F400FT (4Mbit)
M29F400FB (4Mbit)
M29F800FT (8Mbit)
M29F800FB (8Mbit)
M29F160FT (16Mbit)
M29F160FB (16Mbit)
M29W160ET (16Mbit)
M29W160EB (16Mbit)
M29W320DT (32Mbit)
M29W320DB (32Mbit)
M29W640GH (64Mbit)
M29W640GL (64Mbit)
M29W640GT (64Mbit)
M29W640GB (64Mbit)
M29W128GH (128Mbit)
M29W128GL (128Mbit)
M29W256GH (256Mbit)
M29W256GL (256Mbit)
M29W512G (512Mbit)
MT28EW128 (128Mbit)
MT28EW256 (256Mbit)
MT28EW512 (512Mbit)
MT28EW01G (1Gbit)
MT28FW02G (2Gbit)
LHF00L15 (32Mbit)
LH28F160S3 (16Mbit)
LH28F320S3 (32Mbit)
LH28F160BJE (16Mbit)
LH28F320BJE (32Mbit)
LH28F008SCT (8Mbit)
LH28F016SCT (16Mbit)
TC58FVT800 (8Mbit)
TC58FVB800 (8Mbit)
TC58FVT160 (16Mbit)
TC58FVB160 (16Mbit)
TC58FVT321 (32Mbit)
TC58FVB321 (32Mbit)
TC58FVM5T2A (32Mbit)
TC58FVM5B2A (32Mbit)
TC58FVM5T3A (32Mbit)
TC58FVM5B3A (32Mbit)
TC58FYM5T2A (32Mbit)
TC58FYM5B2A (32Mbit)
TC58FYM5T3A (32Mbit)
TC58FYM5B3A (32Mbit)
TC58FVM6T2A (64Mbit)
TC58FVM6B2A (64Mbit)
TC58FVM6T5B (64Mbit)
TC58FVM6B5B (64Mbit)
TC58FYM6T2A (64Mbit)
TC58FYM6B2A (64Mbit)
TC58FVM7T2A (128Mbit)
TC58FVM7B2A (128Mbit)
TC58FYM7T2A (128Mbit)
TC58FYM7B2A (128Mbit)
K8P1615UQB (16Mbit)
K8D1716UT (16Mbit)
K8D1716UB (16Mbit)
K8D3216UT (32Mbit)
K8D3216UB (32Mbit)
K8P3215UQB (32Mbit)
K8D6316UT (64Mbit)
K8D6316UB (64Mbit)
K8P6415UQB (64Mbit)
K8P2716UZC (128Mbit)
K8Q2815UQB (128Mbit)
K8P5516UZB (256Mbit)
K8P5615UQA (256Mbit)
HY29F400T (4Mbit)
HY29F400B (4Mbit)
HY29F800T (8Mbit)
HY29F800B (8Mbit)
HY29LV400T (4Mbit)
HY29LV400B (4Mbit)
HY29LV800T (8Mbit)
HY29LV800B (8Mbit)
HY29LV160T (16Mbit)
HY29LV160B (16Mbit)
HY29LV320T (32Mbit)
HY29LV320B (32Mbit)
MBM29F400TA (4Mbit)
MBM29F400BA (4Mbit)
MBM29LV200TC (2Mbit)
MBM29LV200BC (2Mbit)
MBM29LV400TC (4Mbit)
MBM29LV400BC (4Mbit)
MBM29LV800TA (8Mbit)
MBM29LV800BA (8Mbit)
MBM29LV160T (16Mbit)
MBM29LV160B (16Mbit)
MBM29LV320TE (32Mbit)
MBM29LV320BE (32Mbit)
MBM29DL32XTD (32Mbit)
MBM29DL32XBD (32Mbit)
EN29LV400AT (4Mbit)
EN29LV400AB (4Mbit)
EN29LV800AT (8Mbit)
EN29LV800AB (8Mbit)
EN29LV160AT (16Mbit)
EN29LV160AB (16Mbit)
EN29LV320AT (32Mbit)
EN29LV320AB (32Mbit)
EN29LV640 (64Mbit)

Compatible with these SPI NOR Flash devices:

Atmel / Adesto
AT45DB641E (64Mbit)
AT45DB642D (64Mbit)
AT45DB321E (32Mbit)
AT45DB321D (32Mbit)
AT45DB161E (16Mbit)
AT45DB161D (16Mbit)
AT45DB081E (8Mbit)
AT45DB081D (8Mbit)
AT45DB041E (4Mbit)
AT45DB041D (4Mbit)
AT45DB021E (2Mbit)
AT45DB021D (2Mbit)
AT45DB011D (1Mbit)
AT25DF641 (64Mbit)
AT25DF321S (32Mbit)
AT25DF321 (32Mbit)
AT25DF161 (16Mbit)
AT25DF081 (8Mbit)
AT25DF041 (4Mbit)
AT25DF021 (2Mbit)
AT26DF321 (32Mbit)
AT26DF161 (16Mbit)
AT26DF161A (16Mbit)
AT26DF081A (8Mbit)
AT25SL321 (32Mbit)
AT25SF321 (32Mbit)
AT25SF161 (16Mbit)
AT25SF081 (8Mbit)
AT25SF041 (4Mbit)
AT25XV021 (2Mbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S70FL01GS (1Gbit)
S25FL512S (512Mbit)
S70FL256P (256Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
FL127S/FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FL127S (128Mbit)
S25FL128L (128Mbit)
S25FL064L (64Mbit)
S25FL064 (64Mbit)
S25FS064S (64Mbit)
S25FL032 (32Mbit)
S25FL016A (16Mbit)
S25FL008A (8Mbit)
S25FL040A (4Mbit)
S25FL164K (64Mbit)
S25FL132K (32Mbit)
S25FL216K (16Mbit)
S25FL116K (16Mbit)
S25FL208K (8Mbit)
S25FL204K (4Mbit)
S25FL004A (4Mbit)
MT25QL02GC (2Gbit)
N25Q00AA (1Gbit)
N25Q00AA (1Gbit)
N25Q512A (512Mbit)
N25Q512A (512Mbit)
N25Q256A (256Mbit)
N25Q256A (256Mbit)
NP5Q128A (128Mbit)
N25Q128A (128Mbit)
N25Q128 (128Mbit)
N25Q064A (64Mbit)
N25Q064 (64Mbit)
N25Q032 (32Mbit)
N25Q016 (16Mbit)
N25Q008 (8Mbit)
M25P128 (128Mbit)
M25P64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25P32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25P16 (16Mbit)
M25P80 (8Mbit)
M25PX80 (8Mbit)
M25P40 (4Mbit)
M25P20 (2Mbit)
M25P10 (1Mbit)
M25P05 (512Kbit)
M25PX64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25PE16 (16Mbit)
M25PE80 (8Mbit)
M25PE40 (4Mbit)
M25PE20 (2Mbit)
M25PE10 (1Mbit)
M45PE16 (16Mbit)
M45PE80 (8Mbit)
M45PE40 (4Mbit)
M45PE20 (2Mbit)
M45PE10 (1Mbit)
W25M512JV (512Mbit)
W25Q256JV (256Mbit)
W25Q256FV (256Mbit)
W25Q128JV (128Mbit)
W25Q64JV (64Mbit)
W25Q32JV (32Mbit)
W25Q512 (512Mbit)
W25Q256 (256Mbit)
W25Q128 (128Mbit)
W25Q64 (64Mbit)
W25Q32 (32Mbit)
W25Q16 (16Mbit)
W25Q80 (8Mbit)
W25Q80BW (8Mbit)
W25Q40 (4Mbit)
W25Q128FW (128Mbit)
W25Q64FW (64Mbit)
W25Q32FW (32Mbit)
W25Q16FW (16Mbit)
W25Q08EW (8Mbit)
W25Q40BW (4Mbit)
W25X64 (64Mbit)
W25X64 (64Mbit)
W25X32 (32Mbit)
W25X16 (16Mbit)
W25X80 (8Mbit)
W25X40 (4Mbit)
W25X20 (2Mbit)
W25X10 (2Mbit)
W25X05 (1Mbit)
W25M121AV (128Mbit/1Gbit)
MX25L51245G (512Mbit)
MX25L25655E (256Mbit)
MX25L256 (256Mbit)
MX25U25645G (256Mbit)
MX25L12855E (128Mbit)
MX25L128 (128Mbit)
MX25U12873F (128Mbit)
MX25R6435 (64Mbit)
MX25L6455E (64Mbit)
MX25L640 (64Mbit)
MX25L320 (32Mbit)
MX25L3205D (32Mbit)
MX25L323 (32Mbit)
MX25L3255E (32Mbit)
MX25U3235F (32Mbit)
MX25R3235F (32Mbit)
MX25L1633E (16Mbit)
MX25L160 (16Mbit)
MX25L80 (8Mbit)
MX25L40 (4Mbit)
MX25L20 (2Mbit)
MX25L10 (1Mbit)
MX25U643 (64Mbit)
MX25U323 (32Mbit)
MX25U1635E (16Mbit)
MX25U803 (8Mbit)
MX25L512 (512Kbit)
MX25L1021E (1Mbit)
MX25L5121E (512Kbit)
MX66L51235F (512Mbit)
MX25V8035 (8Mbit)
MX25V4035 (4Mbit)
MX25V8035F (8Mbit)
MX25R8035F (8Mbit)
EN25Q128 (128Mbit)
EN25Q64 (64Mbit)
EN25Q32 (32Mbit)
EN25Q16 (16Mbit)
EN25Q80 (8Mbit)
EN25Q40 (4Mbit)
EN25QH128 (128Mbit)
EN25QH64 (64Mbit)
EN25QH32 (32Mbit)
EN25QH16 (16Mbit)
EN25QH80 (8Mbit)
EN25P64 (64Mbit)
EN25P32 (32Mbit)
EN25P16 (16Mbit)
EN25F32 (32Mbit)
EN25F16 (16Mbit)
EN25F80 (8Mbit)
EN25F40 (4Mbit)
EN25F20 (2Mbit)
EN25T32 (32Mbit)
EN25T16 (16Mbit)
EN25T80 (8Mbit)
EN25T40 (4Mbit)
EN25T20 (2Mbit)
EN25F10 (1Mbit)
SST26VF064B (64Mbit)
SST26VF064 (64Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF032B (32Mbit)
SST26WF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF016B (16Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26WF016B (16Mbit)
SST26WF080B (8Mbit)
SST26WF040B (4Mbit)
SST25VF128B (128Mbit)
SST25VF064C (64Mbit)
SST25VF032B (32Mbit)
SST25VF032 (32Mbit)
SST25VF016B (16Mbit)
SST25VF080B (8Mbit)
SST25VF080 (8Mbit)
SST25WF080B (8Mbit)
SST25PF040C (4Mbit)
SST25WF040B (4Mbit)
SST25VF040B (4Mbit)
SST25WF040 (4Mbit)
SST25WF020A (2Mbit)
SST25LF020A (2Mbit)
SST25WF020 (2Mbit)
SST25VF020 (2Mbit)
SST25WF010 (1Mbit)
SST25VF010 (1Mbit)
SST25WF512 (512Kbit)
SST25VF512 (512Kbit)
SST25VF020A (2Mbit)
SST25VF010A (1Mbit)
25AA160A (16Kbit)
25AA160B (16Kbit)
PM25LV016B (16Mbit)
PM25LV080B (8Mbit)
PM25LV040 (4Mbit)
PM25LV020 (2Mbit)
PM25LV010 (1Mbit)
PM25LV512 (512Kbit)
PM25LD020 (2Mbit)
Pm25LD010 (1Mbit)
Pm25LD512 (512Kbit)
A25LQ64 (64Mbit)
A25LQ32A (32Mbit)
A25L032 (32Mbit)
A25L016 (16Mbit)
A25LQ16 (16Mbit)
A25L080 (8Mbit)
A25L040 (4Mbit)
A25L020 (2Mbit)
A25L010 (1Mbit)
A25L512 (512Kbit)
A25LS512A (512Kbit)
FM25Q16A (16Mbit)
FM25Q32A (32Mbit)
FM25M04A (4Mbit)
FM25M08A (8Mbit)
FM25M16A (16Mbit)
FM25M32A (32Mbit)
FM25M64A (64Mbit)
FM25M4AA (4Mbit)
GD25Q256 (256Mbit)
GD25Q128 (128Mbit)
GD25Q64 (64Mbit)
GD25Q32 (32Mbit)
GD25Q16 (16Mbit)
GD25Q80 (8Mbit)
GD25Q40 (4Mbit)
GD25Q20 (2Mbit)
GD25Q10 (1Mbit)
GD25Q512 (512Kbit)
GD25VQ16C (16Mbit)
GD25VQ80C (8Mbit)
GD25VQ41B (4Mbit)
GD25VQ21B (2Mbit)
GD25LQ128 (128Mbit)
GD25LQ64 (64Mbit)
GD25LQ32 (32Mbit)
GD25LQ16 (16Mbit)
GD25LQ80 (8Mbit)
GD25LQ40 (4Mbit)
GD25LQ20 (2Mbit)
GD25LQ10 (1Mbit)
MD25D16SIG (16Mbit)
IS25LP256 (256Mbit)
IS25LP128 (128Mbit)
IS25LP064 (64Mbit)
IS25LP032 (32Mbit)
IS25LP016 (16Mbit)
IS25LP080 (8Mbit)
IS25CD020 (2Mbit)
IS25CD010 (1Mbit)
IS25CD512 (512Kbit)
IS25CD025 (256Kbit)
IS25CQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LQ016 (16Mbit)
IS25LQ080 (8Mbit)
IS25LQ040B (4Mbit)
IS25LQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25LQ020 (2Mbit)
IS25LQ010 (1Mbit)
IS25LQ512 (512Kbit)
IS25LQ025 (256Kbit)
IS25LD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WD020 (2Mbit)
IS25WP256 (256Mbit)
IS25WP128 (128Mbit)
IS25WP064 (64Mbit)
IS25WP032 (32Mbit)
IS25WP016 (16Mbit)
IS25WP080 (8Mbit)
IS25WP040 (4Mbit)
IS25WP020 (2Mbit)
IS25WQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25WQ020 (2Mbit)
F25L04 (4Mbit)
F25L04 (4Mbit)
F25L08 (8Mbit)
F25L08 (8Mbit)
F25L32QA (32Mbit)
LE25FU406B (4Mbit)
LE25FW406A (4Mbit)
Berg Micro
BG25Q32A (32Mbit)
XM25QH64A (64Mbit)
XM25QH128A (128Mbit)
BY25D16 (16Mbit)
BY25Q32 (32Mbit)
BY25Q64 (64Mbit)
BY25Q128A (128Mbit)
AT25128B (128Kbit)
AT25256B (256Kbit)
AT25512 (512Kbit)
AT25010A (1Kbit)
AT25020A (2Kbit)
AT25040A (4Kbit)
AT25080 (8Kbit)
AT25160 (16Kbit)
AT25320 (32Kbit)
AT25640 (64Kbit)
M95010 (1Kbit)
M95020 (2Kbit)
M95040 (4Kbit)
M95080 (8Kbit)
M95160 (16Kbit)
M95320 (32Kbit)
M95640 (64Kbit)
M95128 (128Kbit)
M95256 (256Kbit)
M95512 (512Kbit)
M95M01 (1Mbit)
M95M02 (2Mbit)

Compatible with these NAND Flash devices:

NAND128W3A (128Mbit)
NAND256R3A (256Mbit)
NAND256W3A (256Mbit)
NAND512R3A (512Mbit)
NAND512W3A (512Mbit)
NAND01GR3A (1Gbit)
NAND01GW3A (1Gbit)
NAND01GW3B (1Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
NAND04GW3B (4Gbit)
MT29F2G08AAB (2Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABAEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABBEA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G08ABADAWP (1Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAFA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABBEA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G08ABAEA (2Gbit)
MT29F4G08BAB (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08AAA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABADAWP (2Gbit)
MT29F4G08ABAHC (4Gbit)
MT29F8G08DAA (4Gbit)
TC58DVM92A5TA10 (512Mbit)
TC58BVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3HTAI0 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG0S3ETA00 (1Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTA00 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG1S3HTAI0 (2Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTA00 (4Gbit)
TC58NVG2S3ETA00 (4Gbit)
TC58NVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
TC58BVG2S0HTAI0 (4Gbit)
W29N01GV (1Gbit)
W29N02GV (2Gbit)
W29N01HV (1Gbit)
MX30LF1208AA (512Mbit)
MX30LF1GE8AB (1Gbit)
MX30UF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G18AC (1Gbit)
MX30LF1G08AA (1Gbit)
MX30LF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AC (2Gbit)
MX30LF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF2GE8AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G18AB (2Gbit)
MX30UF2G28AB (2Gbit)
MX30LF4G18AC (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G18AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4G28AB (4Gbit)
MX30LF4GE8AB (4Gbit)
MX30UF4G28AB (4Gbit)
K9K2G08U0M (2Gbit)
K9K1606UOM (1Gbit)
K9F5608U0D (256Mbit)
K9F1208U0C (512Mbit)
K9F1G08U0A (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0D (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9F1G08X0 (1Gbit)
K9F1G08U0E (1Gbit)
K9F2G08X0 (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0C (2Gbit)
K9F2G08U0M (4Gbit)
K9G8G08U0B (1Gbit)
K9W8G08U1M (4Gbit)
K9F4G08U0B (4Gbit)
HY27US08281A (128Mbit)
HY27US08121B (512Mbit)
HY27US08561A (256Mbit)
HY27SS08561A (256Mbit)
HY27US0812(1/2)B (512Mbit)
H27U1G8F2B (1Gbit)
H27U1G8F2CTR (1Gbit)
HY27UF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27US081G1M (1Gbit)
HY27SF081G2M (1Gbit)
HY27UF082G2B (2Gbit)
HY27UF082G2A (2Gbit)
H27U2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27U2G6F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G8F2C (2Gbit)
H27S2G6F2C (2Gbit)
H27U2G8F2C (2Gbit)
Spansion / Cypress
S34ML01G2 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G2 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G2 (4Gbit)
S34ML01G1 (1Gbit)
S34ML02G1 (2Gbit)
S34ML04G1 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G200 (4Gbit)
S34MS01G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS02G204 (4Gbit)
S34MS04G204 (4Gbit)
A5U1GA31ATS (1Gbit)

Compatible with these SPI NAND Flash devices:

MT29F1G01ABA (1Gbit)
MT29F1G01ABB (1Gbit)
MT29F2G01AAA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G01ABA (2Gbit)
MT29F2G01ABB (2Gbit)
MT29F4G01ADA (4Gbit)
MT29F4G01AAA (4Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4UB (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4RB (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4UC (1Gbit)
GD5F1GQ4RC (1Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4UB (2Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4RB (2Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4UC (2Gbit)
GD5F2GQ4RC (2Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UA (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UB (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4RB (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4UC (4Gbit)
GD5F4GQ4RC (4Gbit)
W25M02GV (2Gbit)
W25M02GW (2Gbit)
W25N01GV (1Gbit)
W25N01GW (1Gbit)
W25N512GV (512Mbit)
W25N512GW (512Mbit)
IS37/38SML01G1 (1Gbit)
F50L1G41A (1Gbit)

Compatible with these parallel FWH Flash devices:

AT49LH002 (2Mbit)
AT49LH004 (4Mbit)
W39V040FA (4Mbit)
W39V080FA (8Mbit)
49LF002A (2Mbit)
49LF003A (3Mbit)
49LF004A (4Mbit)
49LF008A (8Mbit)
49LF080A (8Mbit)
49LF016C (16Mbit)
PM49FL002 (2Mbit)
PM49FL004 (4Mbit)
PM49FL008 (8Mbit)

Compatible with these parallel OTP EEPROM devices:

AT27C010 (1Mbit)
AT27C020 (2Mbit)
AT27C040 (4Mbit)
AT27C516 (512Kbit)
AT27C1024 (1Mbit)
AT27C2048 (2Mbit)
AT27C4096 (4Mbit)
M27C1024 (1Mbit)
M27C256B (256Kbit)
M27C512 (512Kbit)
M27C1001 (1Mbit)
M27C2001 (2Mbit)
M27C4001 (4Mbit)
M27C801 (8Mbit)
M27C160 (16Mbit)
M27C322 (32Mbit)
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