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RS232 Console Cable Kit

This infamous cable kit is popular among the "do-it-yourself" crowd. The purpose of this kit is to allow you to easily access and communicate with a device that has an internal TTL console port using the serial port (DB9) on your computer. Having access to your device's console is sometimes key to changing its firmware, such as installing DD-WRT on compatible routers.



  • Compatible with Etherboot or Hyperterminal

  • Strong and durable circuit board

  • Diagnostic LEDs

  • Supported by thousands of devices

  • Kit includes everything you need


This product includes:

  • RS232 Console Port (DB9)

  • 2 2-pin jumper cables (for Rx Tx Gnd Vcc)

  • A standard 3' serial cable

  • A 4-pin port header (for target device)

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